Hi! I am Raji Kaippallil!

I am a Qualified Financial Advisor & Millennial Money Expert who is on a mission to bring conversations about money to the table and show ways to achieve Financial Freedom. I teach Millennials & GenZs to manage one’s money and invest it in the Stock Market.

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My story

I first started to educate myself on Investing in 2014. But I was afraid, and I did nothing. It took me two years to bite the bullet after reading endless resources.

I asked friends, family and colleagues to find out if anyone was involved in the stock market. Everyone told me that it was too risky, it was a gamble or advised that I shouldn’t be greedy. Now, the same people ask me to help them invest. They ask me how I became a Personal Finance & Investing Expert quickly. They think I got here easily. But what most people don’t know are the number of mistakes I made when I dipped my toes into Investing.

My own uncle tricked me to believe that his policy was an amazing investment and made me sign into one. I pulled out and I lost a lot of money.  
I was made to invest into a fund by my Bank which had high fees. They handed me a pamphlet with jargons, and it overwhelmed me. I took the easier route to listen to them than educate myself.  

I was scared to even tell anyone that I invested in the Stock Market. What if they were correct? What if I lost money?  What if it was my greed to make more money that lured me into it?

In Hindsight, there are so many things I would have done differently. But I believe everything happens for a reason. I had to make those mistakes so that You don’t repeat the same.
Many of you will build 3-4x more wealth because my mission inspired you to act. THAT IS HUGE!! 


You can take the stairs. Or, You can take the ESCALATOR that I build to fast track building your wealth and achieving your Financial Freedom.  

The choice is yours.  


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